Central New York Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs)

What is a Crisis Pregnancy Center?
Crisis Pregnancy Centers (see links below) are faith-based organizations masquerading as women’s health centers. The primary purpose of a CPC is to persuade women not to pursue their legal right to an abortion. Because their target demographic is women are looking to have an abortion, CPC’s draw in their clientele by mimicking characteristics of real health centers and abortion clinics.

Attempting to mislead women who are trying to access healthcare is not the only goal of a CPC. Many CPC’s use Sex Education programs to bring their religious agenda into public schools. How is this legal? CPC’s do not read from the bible, or talk about God, which makes the religious content harder to nail down. Instead, CPC’s use broader topics to talk about how sexuality is a “gift”, and that “married sex is the only safe sex”. Most programs include an emphasis on purity, and encourage virginity pledges. CPC’s aggressively and systematically seek to establish and maintain long-term relationships with teachers, who invite them to their classrooms to tackle this taboo topic.

CPCs greatly outnumber abortion clinics in the United States. Often, they literally open their centers right next to Planned Parenthood or other legitimate abortion clinics so they can confront women seeking out abortion services. (Use this CPC LOCATOR MAP map to find CPC’s in your area).

Central New York has two crisis pregnancy centers in multiple locations:

New Hope Family Services
New Hope is CNY’s most prominent Crisis Pregnancy Center. With three CNY offices, it is openly driven by Christian teachings, stating on its website, “We believe the Bible to be the inspired, the only infallible, authoritative Word Of God.” The organization claims to cover “most” of the NYS mandated health curriculum with their “Real Love Respects” Program. Unfortunately, just because they purport to cover it, doesn’t mean they don’t present it in a religious-biased way. For instance, they talk about birth control options, but focus on the negatives and failings of birth control, often providing inaccurate statistics. In addition to the gum-chewing skit, a regular part of their lesson is to encourage students to sign a purity agreement. New Hope Family Services presents this religiously-biased program in several CNY public schools. 

Care Net Pregnancy Center of CNY
Care Net is the nation’s largest affiliation network of pregnancy centers. Care Net is an Evangelical pro-life organization, and all Care Net affiliate centers seek to persuade women not to pursue their legal right to have an abortion. Care Net, like other CPC networks, shares medically inaccurate information about the supposed health risks of abortion. Many Care Net centers have sex education programs that they offer in both private and public schools, including Care Net of CNY. Care Net of CNY has locations in Liverpool, Utica, Rome, Morrisville, Oneida, Herkimer, and Camden. Care Net of CNY uses a program called “My Future My Choice” to promote abstinence-only in CNY school districts in several CNY counties.