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Are you a parent or advocate that has been following our sex ed journey and wants to make a difference? Take an easy five minutes today to help!

Stop the Shaming participates in The Sex Ed Now NY Coalition. We have worked extremely hard on a K-12 Comp Sex Ed Bill (A.6512/S.4844) by speaking to teachers, administrators, social workers, sex ed professionals, youth advocacy groups, parents, lawmakers, and lawyers to come up with what we feel is a fair and effective proposition. We now need state and local leadership to support it.

Therefore, the coalition is having a day of action Tuesday, January 28. We’re using this day to drive a large number of phone calls/emails to Albany to urge our Senators and Assemblymen to either sponsor or support the Sex Ed legislation we’re proposing this year. Use THIS LINK to get all the info you will need to participate.

We’re also hoping to gain attention on social media, using #SexEdNowNY, so feel free to use this hashtag.


Please take a minute right now to sign the official ONLINE PETITION: Call for Comprehensive Age-Appropriate Sex Education in New York


We were so THRILLED to see Trojan take on this issue and use the chewed gum analogy to boot! Several articles were done on their activism. #notchewedgum #informationisthebestprotection SRAisAbstienceOnly; Trojan Trolls Abstinence-Only Sex Ed With Chewed Gum Wall On National Mall; Condom Company Reacts to Christian Abstinence Trope with Chewed Gum Wall in D.C.; You Are Not Chewed Gum; Sex Education Rally Reminds Teens “You Are Not Chewed Gum”